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Men Vs Women Sex Ideas

Men and women have such different ideas when it comes to sex. I was chatting to a group of Uxbridge escorts the other day when I realised that we really do want difference things from sex. Sex is a very important part of life, and some would even say that it is fundamental. However, just like the Uxbridge escort said, our needs vary so much and it can be difficult to work things out.

Being on the same wave length with someone is important, and sometimes it is difficult to get there. Uxbridge escorts from the site say that being of the same mindset as a date is quite often easier said than done. A lot of dates who visit Uxbridge escorts may just have come off a plane, and be totally stressed out, and this can sometimes be difficult. At other times, Uxbridge escorts say that it is easy to connect with dates.

How to find out if you are on the same sexual wave length?

So, how do you find out if you are on the same sexual wave length? Do you wait until you are in bed with someone before you find out what their sexual needs are, or do you talk about it?

Uxbridge escorts quite rightfully point out that Most people don’t talk about sex. Escorts in Uxbridge state that We are often too timid to talk about stuff like that, and we may sometimes not talk about it at all. A good way forward would be to gently start to explore each other, and find out what each others physical needs are. Exploring sexual needs and desires can be quite fun say Uxbridge escorts, and sometimes we encounter a new part of sexuality that we never explored before.

You may meet someone who is into bondage, and all of a sudden you fancy having a go yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and you should enjoy it for what it is. It is important to realise that most people have their own sexual culture, and their needs are important to them.

A Change of Taste

When we get older we tend to get a little bit braver, and we may find that we fancy a different kind of sex. That doesn’t necessarily that we will changed to anything extreme, but we may even think it is fun to change sexual partners. Many more mature people appreciate that sex is only one part of their lives, and will have more confidence and trust in their partner.

Swingers parties are not frequented by young people, they are a great sexual outlet for people who are more seniors. If, you haven’t spoken to a swinger, you may be surprised to learn that you could even have one living next door to you without knowing. Swingers parties go on up and down the country every day, and most swingers are not embarrassed to talk about.

They may not give you a great deal of detail but they will happily give you an insight into the world of swinging.

Yes, Uxbridge escorts agree, men and women do have different sexual needs but that doesn’t mean that we should be afraid to explore our sexuality and learn to enjoy each others sexual needs and desires.

Did you like that honey?

How do you know what your partner likes in bed? Sometimes, it can be really difficult to read what your partner likes in bed. We seldom spend time talking about our sex lives, and telling our partners what we like.

It is a real shame that so many people find sex difficult to talk about, and london escorts often say that our sex lives would be better if we learned to talk about them. Escorts in London understand that sex is an important and integral part of life, and we need to be more open about sex to enjoy it more.

When you are in bed with someone it can be more difficult to read someone’s body language as your senses are doing so many things at the same time. A lot of the time we are so busy looking for that ultimate satisfaction that we forget about our partners, and we forget that it takes two to tango.

London Escorts say that we should try to read our partner’s response to our actions in bed but it isn’t always easy. However, there are some signs that you can look out for.

Pulling Away

If your partner all of a sudden pulls away from you in bed, it is a sure sign that you have done something he or she did not enjoy according to a group of escorts that I spoke to. You may have accidentally touched them in place they don’t like being touched, or came to close to a sensitive nerve.

The lower parts of our body is full of sensitive nerve endings especially close to the buttocks where the spine meets the sciatic nerve. All of a sudden something can hurt or feel unpleasant, and that makes us pull away from the action.

Touching too quickly

For the most part we spend the day away from our partner, and we may not touch them until the evening. Sometimes we may even touch somebody to quickly.

London Escorts recommend that we should start of touching somebody slowly. Gentle stroking is good, and perhaps a neck massage. Forcing your touch or your body on to another person may feel like your are invading their space. A nice massage will help somebody to relax, and at the same time you can read your partner’s body. Do they flinch when you touch a certain part of their body?

If, that is the case make a mental note of that spot and don’t touch them there when you are getting hot and steamy. It could be that they have hurt themselves or it is their “funny bone.”

London Escorts perform a lot of massages, and they full appreciate how important it is to read somebody’s body. Most escorts in London say that they learn a lot about a date’s body when they give them a massage. Perhaps we should take a leaf out of the london escorts book of wisdom and do the same.

Massages are an excellent way of getting to know your partner’s body especially in the early part of your relationship. In some places like in Aswan in Egypt, masseuses use their sense of touch to both massage and heal the body. They know when something is not quite right, and can use their skilled hands to bring some healing relief.

Tips For Mindful and Passionate Sex

passionate-woman_0Not everyone can be a mind reader, and it pays to be sensitive to your partner about how she is performing so that both of you can have a pleasurable time.

Touch her entire body and not just her “”Private parts””.

Many people think that sex is all about genitals and breasts. To have really hot mind-blowing sex, the main goal is to trigger these sensations all over her body and not just in one spot. The same goes for men. Don’t just kiss him on the lips, smother him with sweet touches on his neck, feet, legs and hips.

Keep her wanting more

Foreplay is very important in sex because it builds up anticipation and excitement. It increases the mind and body’s sensitivity to anything that can be related to what he or she is expecting. Get it started hours before with steamy phone sex or flirtatious hints. The same technique can amplify the sensations at bed. Gratify each other with kisses that tease, and massage that relaxes the body. Build up gratification level by level rather than by going in all at once.

Learn to recognize her responses.

Women sometimes do not want you to feel like a loser and will go to any lengths to make her partner feel he is satisfying her, even if it means faking body movements and orgasm. We all know that real hot steamy sex comes from both people and to have that, both of you must have at least that level of arousal. Set aside your ego and watch for body movements and sounds to guage whether she’s having a good time or not.

Try new things but also learn when to withdraw.

Many people love surprises and taking erotic experiences to the fantasy level. Decorate the room differently, bring out some handcuffs and blindfold or put on a new costume. However when it comes to body responses, don’t push these too hard. New sex positions and tongue techniques may entice new sensations, but be sensitive when it’s at peak already. Pushing new things that you want to try may overpower the peak sensations that you are both having already. Know when to stop and savor each sensation.

Ask and you’ll get answers.

Again, if you’re clueless, it’s better to ask than to guess and then only find out that she doesn’t like what you’re doing. Talk to your partner about her sexual fantasies and things she might want to try. Don’t be the classic Mr. Know It All. Ask where she wants to be touched and if she likes what you’re doing. If she has suggestions, try them out and don’t let your ego get in your way. For more pleasure visit at