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The idea of living in together

I never believed that I would be saying that, but I was reading a post on Dr. Phil’s blog which really got me thinking.  Normally I would be stating that if a few loved each other, were happy and comfortable with each other, and then why not move in together before marriage.   I started to wonder why?  Then it struck me, and I realized exactly why you shouldn’t move in together until you’re married. Let us believe our happy couple.  They are almost any age, they might come from prior unions, all that matters is they are in love. London escorts say that they like each other, they are best friends, and they feel comfortable together.  They have some frequent ground, they talk together, and they invest quality time together.  Do not they sound just fantastic?

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Once they have got to understand each other more, they decide to make more of a commitment to one another and their relationship by going in together. London escorts tells that they were happy with what they saw and proceeded to enjoy their life together. As time went on the initial excitement of living together begun to wear of, they were delighted living together but their relationship did not possess the same type of sparkle relating to it.  Are you beginning to get the idea of why you should not go in together? Our happy couple had been living together for a couple of years when they chose to get married.   They had been joyful, comfy together, they loved each, and they knew they had discovered the one.  Finally the big day came, the weather was glorious, the guests were happy and so was that the happy couple.  They went off on honeymoon, had a great time, they came back at home all ready to start married life together, just to find that nothing had changed.  Well, that’s not strictly true, the law states they were wed, and when they wanted to Part Company it would be difficult and costly.

Picture instead a few, that are equally as happy and compatible as our very first few, but they did not go in together. London escorts said that they had a great wedding day, a superb honeymoon, and when they arrived home everything was exciting and new.  They had fun getting to know each other and their own relationship.   This is precisely why you should not go in together. Marriage changes the whole dynamic of your relationship, in reality you might look at it as the start of your actual relationship.